Our services

Fitango offers a variety of SaaS based tools to help medical professionals improve the current care continuum. Through patient engagement, adherence and transparency, we aim to transform the way care is provided across the healthcare spectrum for payers, providers and patients.

Prevent Admissions

With FitangoMD, patients are now given the tools to manage chronic conditions prior to becoming hospitalized. FitangoMD provides doctors’ offices with specialized Care Plans to help deliver the patient a better understanding of their care and current conditions. This exciting, easy to use platform will help to ease the burden of the 65% of patients that feel under-informed in their own care by empowering them.

Reduce Readmissions

Reducing hospital readmission rates is a national priority. To stop the readmission cycle, hospitals have to be more than brick-and-mortar institutions. Care providers must, in theory, go home with their patients. Our technology helps physicians do just that, which subsequently helps to reduce readmissions and the associated costs and penalties.

Improve Managed Care

FitangoSHARE is the only product that improves the continuity and quality of managed care treatment by breaking down the communication barriers between participants, managed care organizations and homecare agencies. By allowing care team members, Participants and Participants' designees to view and seamlessly provide feedback on the care plan, FitangoSHARE helps organizations improve treatment processes and lower costs while also improving care quality.

Hospital Readmission Statistics

Of readmitted patients had medication errors

Of eligible hospitals are facing fines

Of patients feel under-informed in their healthcare

Changing Healthcare

While the majority of the world becomes more connected, HIT has stayed the same. Fitango wants to provide the necessary disruption in the marketplace to provide patients with the best hospital experience, hospitals with lower admissions, and providers with a meaningful ability to manage populations. With 65% of patients feeling under-involved in their own healthcare, now is the time to take advantage, and provide care beyond the point of care.


Fitango was founded on the principle of helping people improve their life. For years, they had been overlooked within their own care, but that has changed. With the advent of value based purchasing, hospitals have realized that the need to include patients within the care model is crucial.