Transforming Healthcare

FitangoCare is an innovative, integrated platform covering the spectrum from Prevention through High Risk Intervention to Chronic Care Coordination. The platform allows providers and payers to coordinate care in a revolutionary way, resulting in better health outcomes and ensures that patients are engaged every step of the way.

FitangoCare manages your patients at every stage of healthcare.


Preventative ActionPlans, ranging from diets, exercise routines and stress management solutions, provide your patients with control over their own well-being

High Risk

ActionPlans combined with CarePlans give patients the management tools they need to be active participants in their own health.

Cronic Care

Chronic CarePlans are generated by your organizations assessment process, facilitating an accurate implementation of the treatment plan.

Fitango offers two different care paths on one cohesive platform


  • Real-time clinical updates available to the entire care team
  • Team communication tools include alerts, email, text and video conferencing
  • Easily create CarePlans and Tasking Tools using the Pro CarePlan Builder
  • Integrated delivery of healthcare services reduces expenses by minimizing unnecessary or redundant care
  • Universal Calendar allows all providers to coordinate services and catch scheduling problems


  • Integrated Video Conferencing with the care team
  • Customized ActionPlans for patient-directed care
  • Family and social supports can be involved in every aspect of care
  • Alerts and reminders to patients and family so patients can follow assigned Action and CarePlans
  • Patients can create personalized plans using the patent-pending Plan Builder to reach their own identified goals
  • Universal Calendar of care appointments increase compliance
$26 Billionwere spent last year on hospital readmissions alone
86%of our Healthcare dollars were spent on the treatment of chronic care
1/2of all chronic deseases are linked to preventable problems including smoking and obesity

Access from everywhere

FitangoCare™ is available on all mobile devices.
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About Us

Fitango, Inc., an innovative developer of healthcare IT solutions, was founded in 2010 by a group of experienced entrepreneurs and health care specialists. Our mission is to help healthcare organizations improve the monitoring of collaborative care, reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and increase care plan adherence at a lower cost.