About us

Fitango was launched to help people achieve their health and wellness potential. For most of us, following a medical treatment, a diet and fitness plan or any other healthy choice is not simple. In fact, 72% of Americans fail to follow through with their healthy resolutions.

Our health is our most precious asset. So, why don't we do everything to protect, maintain or improve our health?

Research and experience show that many obstacles stand in our way: lack of motivation, confusion over a treatment and its side-effects, forgetfulness, insufficient time and knowledge and, finally, action plans that don't suit our specific needs.

To overcome these issues, Fitango brings together members, their social network and health experts (physicians, nutritionists, mental health doctors, fitness experts etc.). The result is an online health adherence platform where members, their social network, experts and providers collaborate for everyone's benefit:

  1. Members consult health experts during live sessions (at anytime and from anywhere), follow Actionplans and track their progress
  2. Experts create, customize and suggest Actionplans to their clients, follow their Actionplan updates and provide guidance and support
  3. Invite family and friends cheer and support a member's progress on an Actionplan. The member can reciprocate and support his friends and family.

Beta version was launched in October of 2012 and headquartered in New York City. Fitango is the first online site to offer around-the-clock, geographically-flexible and comprehensive services on all health issues, including prevention, family health, healthy living and medical conditions.


Our mission is to help people stay committed to their health and wellness. By supporting and improving people's adherence to their medical treatment and healthy choices, we seek to transform American health.

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